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Resources for Medical Students

Below is a list of articles about how to be an effective studier, a rock star on the wards, the books you need to survive, as well as everything else that goes into being an awesome (but not annoying) medical student.

- Rock Step 1! - Step 1 is probably the toughest test you'll take during your medical training because of the sheer volume of information it covers. Learn how to rock this test, and more importantly commit to long term memory a lot of those factoids that would otherwise get lost somewhere in the gigantic hippocampus of yours.

- Recommended books by year - Not like its enough paying tuition every year, but you also have to decide what books are worth purchasing, and which ones should stay on the shelf. This is a list of books that we found super helpful during medical school.

-ICU notes - Writing an ICU note need not be a difficult task! Learn how to write a thorough ICU note here.

- An easy way to assess pain - Using the mnemonic SOCRATES gives you an easy way to develop a differential diagnosis and establish a treatment algorithm for most types of pain.

- Handling the difficult patient - Patients can be total pains in the you-know-what! Learn a few methods for dealing with these people before they drive you crazy and make you want to quit medical school.

- Reading a head CT is a very important skill that any health care practitioner should have. Learn how to interpret a head CT here.