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Obstetrics is amazing! It is truly amazing that something that large can come out of whole that small! However, obstetrics is not all about birthing, it's also about maternal and fetal health while the "buns-a-cookin'". Learn more about these interesting topics here... If there is a something you'd like us to write about shoot us an email.

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- Fetal Surveillance - Can't a guy or gal have a little privacy? Apparently not even the womb is free from intrusion! Learn how the fetus is monitored for growth and well being.



- Obesity, bariatric surgery, and pregnancy - Unfortunately in the United States and many other countries obesity is reaching epidemic proportions! Learn about the unique interplay between obesity, bariatric surgery, and pregnancy in this article.



- Pregnancy Basics - This article discusses the terms parity and gravity, as well as how to determine fetal age and due dates. Urine versus blood tests? Is one better than the other? Find out here...

- Prenatal Testing - Learn about all the prenatal tests used to determine if their are "abnormalities" with the fetus. Topics include the quad screen, amniocentesis, chorionic villus and peripheral umbilical blood sampling.