Useful Resources

Have a website or a link you’ve found useful? Send it to us and we’ll throw it up on our website!

  • – is a wonderful website with many educational articles and images of traumatic injuries.
  • – Great website for all those pesky calculations you’ll have to make while on the wards. Forgot the equation to calcuate the fractional excretion of sodium? No problem! Head here and type in the values and get your answer instantly!
  • Anatomy at University of Michigan – Probably the best gross anatomy website we’ve come across. It has video footage of cadaveric dissections. It will tell you the muscle and the nerve and blood supply to it. Basically anything you need to know about anatomy can be found here.
  • UCSD Physical Exam Guide – This website is like an online version of Bate’s. Great reference for how you should perform a physical examination for all the major organ systems.
  • – A great website that goes over relevant neuroanatomy based on the cerebral angiogram. Easy to understand language.
  •– A very nice website with many medical educational materials.